Thank you for considering to purchase something from the SnakeMC Server.

Please take note that while purchasing, all usernames are CaSe SeNsItIvE!

All items that you've purchased should be automatically added to your inventory within 10 minutes of logging in. If you've bought any items, please make sure that you have enough space in your inventory; as lost items will not be refunded. You may need to relog for any purchases to become active.

To avoid any legal issues, if you're under 18, please make sure you have your parents permission before donating. The SnakeMC team will not be held responsible for any issues caused. On this note, Mojang is not responsible for any purchasing errors caused; please contact us instead.

The items/ranks in this store are subject to change at any time without notice. We ask that you contact us if there are any issues regarding this.

Purchases are made via PayPal only. PayPal has an option where you can use your Debit/Credit Cards. We are not responsible for any failures in this area.

Important Notice:

Please remember that we are NOT required to issue refunds upon request. Any chargebacks will result in a permanent ban across the SnakeMC network.

SnakeMC hold the right to change any store items and/or their prices at any time. 

Thanks in advance, SnakeDoctor, Weymouth87, and all of the SnakeMC team!

** Minecraft is a copyright of Mojang AB, and SnakeMC is not affiliated with Mojang AB. **

Any queries contact enquiries@snakemc.com